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Welcome to Scenic Channel

So why another video-sharing site! Wasn’t YouTube enough with its gazillions of videos of every kind? Well, if you just wanted scenic videos, what is the guarantee that you would find those all tucked in together on a special YouTube server with its own IP address and URL. Hardly so. You have to search scenic videos a few each time. We thought of building a YouTube junior, dedicated to nature and its limitless beauty. Would you join us? But that is not the sole objective of the Scenic Channel. We believe that wherever you are, there are sights and sounds which deserve video or photographic capture, so that the rest of the world can share it, and perhaps be there vicariously.


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Upload scenic videos or images captured by you or share links of scenic videos from other websites.

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You can search, browse play and add videos to your own playlist and watch them non-stop.

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Upload your scenic photos or select photos from our huge library to create videos along with background music.

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